Our Story

Kinnls' history is a story that dates back to 1997, from a small furniture workshop at the time to the mass production that furniture manufacturers are transforming today to keep up with the growth of the United States.

If you want to know how it all started, we have to take you back to the late 1990s, when the Kirkconnell family business began in a small village in California. Kenan Kirkconnell had been helping his father with his small woodworking workshop, and had been a small helper with no technical skills until he was born to make furniture. He had no technical skills and could only do some simple helper work. As he grew older, he realized that this was not what he wanted to do, and with his father's consent, he went abroad to study business. After the end of his studies, Kenan returned directly to his hometown and wanted to create a furniture brand from this time onwards.

After talking to his father about his idea, his father expressed his approval. He, his father and his brother, the three of them started Kinnls' entrepreneurial history from then on. His father and brother were mainly responsible for the production of the products, and Kinnan was responsible for finding channels to sell them. Because of limited capacity, Kinnls initially only sold office chairs, and because of the single product, in the selection of materials, design and other aspects of strict requirements, but the early chairs are only sold to the state or several surrounding states.

The furniture market began to shift in the 1990s, and seeing this trend, Kinnls began selling its products offline in 1997. Kinnls was pushing to incorporate more technology into its offline sales, allowing customers to experience the products and services before making a purchase. Then as technology developed and the use of the Internet became more widespread, Kinnan realized that it was not enough to limit itself to a few annex areas and started selling online. The product range also gradually increased, in addition to office chairs, adding desks, cabinets, shelves, lighting and other products and services, Kinnls was thus created.