A Simple Chair also Has Great Knowledge

Some people would purchase a comfortable office chair for comfort, others would for decoration, while some pepple get a chair for the low price. Moreover, different people have different needs and beauty-appreciation so they would choose chairs made from leather or fabric in regard to chair materials. However, would you consider the structure of chair before purchaing? Why the chair is in this shape rather the other shape? Do they have particular functions in this shape? In fact, there is a lot of knowledge hidden in it!

In effect, only the workers would pay attention to the knowledge in the chair. Because they have to sit on a chair for 8 hours or more, they definitely need a suitable and comfortable chair to make them relaxed in such a long sitting position.

So there is an ergonomic chair that specifically relieves the cervical and lumbar spine pain of sedentary people. The difference between the ergonomic chair and the ordinary chair is that has reasonable support through principal of ergonomics. The convex and concave just fit the S-shaped curve of the spine, giving a strong support to the neck, back, lumbar and sacrum, keeping the spine in its natural shape. It can effectively avoid the strain on the cervical and lumbar spine caused by long-term sitting, reduce the influence on the blood circulation of the legs and greatly reduce fatigue and muscle damage.

So how much do you know about the ergonomic principles hidden in the chair?

According to the definition set by the International Ergonomics Association (IEA), ergonomics is a study of various factors such as human anatomy, physiology and psychology in a certain working environment, is the study of humans and machines as well as the environment interaction, is the study of how people to consider questions like work efficiency, human health, safety and comfort in work, family life and comforts. This theory originated in Europe and America was originally used in industrial society. During the Second World War, the principles and methods of ergonomics were also used in the field of military science and technology. Nowadays, the transition of social development into post-industrial society and information society under the premise of human beings as the main body, it is a new idea of ​​comprehensive analysis in all people’s life and production activities.

So how is it applied to the chair?

01 The curve design of the chair
The curve design is analyzed from the perspective of people’s health and the shape curve design of the chair is defined according to the person’s physiological condition, fatigue measurement, etc. The curve of the chair mainly depends on whether the curve of the chair cushion and backrest matches the human physiological curve. The back curve design of the Phyllis seat is fully ergonomic, which can truly relax the waist muscles and maintain a good posture.

02 The size design of the chair
The determination of the furniture size and the spatial relationship formed by the placement of the furniture are inseparable from the human body scale and its measurement data. To master the principles of human body scale design, we must firstly understand the national standard data and be good at using anthropometric data flexibly in design. Also, we must also learn to keep pace with the times. If you don’t know how to use the data reasonably and understand the nature of the use of ergonomic data, but only use it mechanically, it will have counterproductive effects.

03 The detailed design of the chair
Kinnls pays great attention to the details because even a few millimeters of difference will bring a wide range of comfort to the chair. From the connecting parts of the chair to the edge corners of the chair, all need to be meticulous. Therefore, the pursuit of details is also the key to the success or failure of ergonomics furniture.

04 The aesthetic design of the chair
The functional beauty and the form beauty of chairs should be combined, focusing on the different psychological emotions brought about by different environments, so as to achieve the psychological satisfaction of people’s ergonomics. The shape of the chair designed according to the curve of the human body is also a product of the beauty of nature.

In general, in addition to the appropriate size, a good ergonomic chair design should also pay attention to the shape design of the chair so as to adapt to the characteristics of the object.